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    To try make a long story short, over the last few months of classes (before the lockdown) I began noticing many of the computers in my lab that I have installed Veyon onto appeared to momentarily lose access to the Veyon software. Over time it became clear the issue happened seemingly randomly and resolved itself on a computer restart. Eventually one student noted in conversation that students had noticed the "Veyon Server" or other Veyon named processes in the task manager. They would simply arrive in class before me, log on and then use task manager to end these tasks, preventing the use of Veyon until the computer was shut down and restarted. As such I couldn't "prove" they intentionally crippled to program, and trying to fix it during lectures is a big hassle.

    I have mainly used Veyon to simply check students aren't using web browsers or messing during lessons, sometimes even to check for cheating on tests and so it's anonymity on the computers is important. Ultimately I want keep using it but it is clear students have figured out how to check (at least briefly) for this program. The ultimate question I need answered is: Is there some way to either remove or hide the three Veyon processes (veyon-server, veyon-service and veyon-worker) that appear in the task manager processes list? Over the last week I tried finding these three Veyon processes in their install folder and changing their names to something inconspicuous. This works in changing the name appearing in the task manager and still allowing Veyon to be operational during that session. However once a computer is shut down and turned back on the Veyon simply doesn't work. The software states it cannot recognize the authentication keys, it seems renaming these processes doesn't automatically update the software to know they have been altered. No amount of re-installing the authentication keys or making the name change as simple as possible (e.g. renaming the program "v-service" instead of "veyon-service" fixes the issue either.

    Leaving any of the processes named with "veyon" seems to be something many students are now aware to check for. Ideally I would like to simply allow Veyon to run on these machines but not appear in task manager processes tab. If this can't be done, what do I have to do to change the "veyon" name from the processes to something else (e.g. rename "Veyon Server" to something like "Process Server" without breaking the Veyon program), even if only in the task manager so as the students who glance through it don't notice the program is running. Also please note while I run the classes and have admin access these computers aren't mine to mess with in any really deep way. So any solution that involves core software manipulation or require additional sofftware installs to work isn't likely to be permitted or work well with the anti-virus. Might also be of important to note these computers are connected via a shared wifi network but not LAN. Also quite useful for me to try to fix this while no-one else is using the computers in our building.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Hi @Tzeenach

    I guess you're running Veyon on Windows. On Windows the Veyon Server process is started by the Veyon Service with SYSTEM privileges so until your students have administrative privileges, they won't be able to kill the process. Can you verify the students do not have administrative privileges?

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  • @tobydox How can I do that?

  • Figured it go to registry Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
    Add a DWORD 32 BIT VALUE name it DisableTaskMgr and the value is 1. Windows 10. Do the same here to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System. It works on all verison of Window 10. Even Home.