Veyon cause remote desktop RDP blank screen

  • I have about 60 machines client and 1 one master installed in windows server 2012 R2.

    I usually remote to windows server to and monitor all the client and remote to client when needed. Everything works fine but there was a blank screen issue.

    RDP session is initiated (after succesfull login) they get a black screen, then the RDP window just vanishes after about 30 seconds without error messages. Server can be ping and no issue, just I cannot remote in to server via RDP or any other remote software. I have to remote via cmd to perform reboot so that later I can remote via RDP to have GUI.

    I need to reboot the server, and the RDP works fine for 1-2days, then RDP blank screen again and I have to reboot the server again.

    Anyone can assist?