• I would like to use Veyon in a completely virtual environment, where both students and teachers are connected to their virtual desktops using RDP Protocol and Windows 10 as an operating system on both the virtual desktop and the client.

    Initially I am doing some tests and everything works perfectly from the student consoles in the hypervisor, any action I perform in the console on any of the student virtual desktops is reflected in the teacher's "Veyon Master", the teacher can perform all tasks that "Veyon Master" allows without problem.

    The problem is that when the student logs into the virtual desktop, in their VDI, with RDP, at that moment the student session is closed both in "Veyon Master" and in the hypervisor console, the latter does not worry me, but I am concerned about logging out of the student within the "Veyon Master", even when the teacher takes control of the student's computer from the teacher's virtual desktop, disconnects the student from their remote desktop.

    I've been reading the post and everything seems to suggest it was done using "MULTI SESSION", but I couldn't get it to work, I don't know if it will be possible to tell me what steps I should take.

    I hope I can explain it, I feel that my level of English is very low.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • @Francisco-Alonso

    I have already solved the above problem for student remote desktops, in any case thank you very much everyone.

    Now I have the following problem.

    As I said before, the teacher is also connected to his VDI through the RDP protocol, that is, he has a remote connection against his remote desktop.

    The teacher has no problem monitoring remote desktops, I have solved this problem.

    But if what the teacher wants is to show his desk to the students, that is, to use any of the demonstration modes that "Veyon Master" has, what happens is that the teacher shows the students the console of his computer and not your session.

    The question is: How can I force when the teacher uses "Fullscreen demo" or "Window demo" to show the remote desktop session that the teacher has opened and not the console of that computer?

    As in the previous post I hope I have been able to explain it, I feel that my level of English is very low.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • @Francisco-Alonso said in VEYON in a virtual environment:

    solved the above problem for student remote desktops


    you wrote, you solved the above problem for student remote desktops. Great!

    I'm still working on it (here with Windows 2012 R2 and 2019 Terminalserversessions). I only can see the user that ist login in at the console. How did you solve the Problem?

    Thanks in advance

  • @Ingomar-Hoffmann

    It is relatively easy, when you connect to the virtual desktop, open a "command console" and run "QUERY SESSION". One of the columns is the session ID, in my case 2.

    You must add a session number (not concatenate) to TCP port 11100, in my case 11100 + 2 = 11102 and enter this port in "Veyon Configurator" in the "Locations and Computers" section in the "Host address / IP" column, as follows: Host: TCP port

    In my case
    MyComputer: 11102

    I hope I knew how to help you.

    The problem I have now is the opposite when I want to show my screen as a teacher to the students, what I do is send the console, not the session I am connected to. If you do, I would appreciate it if you could tell me how you did it.

  • Thanks very much. I 'll try this now. But does this mean that you have to add ALL (!) computers manually the the "locations and computers" - section and that it is no longer possible to use the AD-import (AD-automatic-Client listing), but now to use the manually "location and Computer" section for all clients? Or is it possible to get a mixed view (automatic listing of clients out of AD and in addition the terminalserversessions that are manually entered (eg TS1:11102, TS1:11103,...) ?

    Of course i will post it here, when i get your (and my next problem) with the showing the teachers session.

    In generall i think we should post the solution to the area "sys-scann
    But beein

  • But in general i think we (you, cause you found the solution) should mail it to tobydox so that he can take this solution to the official doco.

  • @Francisco-Alonso

    Thanks for your first idea, it works.

    In principle, issue with demo seems to be the same issue in reverse : veyon should send your connection with session session id plus your id, but it doesn't.

    I think a bug report should be sent, since even the first solution is not manageable in real use case ( not possible to give admin rights to users to let them change veyon configuration)

  • Regarding the demo mode issue: Veyon Master evaluates the VEYON_SESSION_ID environment variable. So if you manage to set this variable before/when starting Veyon Master, it will broadcast the correct session to the students. Likely with Veyon 4.4.1 the session ID will be detected automatically by Veyon Master. There'll also be further improvements to RDP/multisession support in future releases.

  • @tobydox

    Hello tobydox

    I have created an environment variable in the operating system with a value equal to 2


    And also in the veyon-client environment.

    veyon-cli config set Service/VEYON_SESSION_ID 2

    My session ID is two


    services 0 Desc
    rdp-tcp # 2 administrator 2 Active
    console 3 Conn
    rdp-tcp 65536 Listen

    And in no case have I managed to make the screen that shows to the students the session in which the teacher works.

    I have also test with the new version of Veyon 4.4.0

    I would like to remind you that both the students and the teacher are working on their own virtual desktop connected by RDP, that is, they are all in session 2 of their own virtual desktop.