Is it possible to change the VNC Server port number?

  • Hi All,

    I wonder if you can help.

    We have a school client we look after and we currently use DattoRMM across their campus for machine monitoring and remote support. This uses ultravnc off the top of my head and its password is not accessible to engineers and is managed by the monitoring platform.

    The school came to us and expressed an interest in using Veyon for classroom use to control and monitor screens for students and appears to do what they want. However when i tried it on a test machine it was clear it used VNC and indeed clashed with our DattoRMM management.

    Is there any way we can change the port used by Veyon's VNC Server, such that the machine would effectively run two vnc servers but on different ports.

    I've seen some posts about using external server, however we do not have access to the password and we don't really want to mess with the configuration of DattoRMM as its critical to our support and monitoring.

    If anyone has any advice here that would be great, im just building a test virtual environment to try and work this out


  • Hi, As it seemds this isnt possible given lack of responses, is there a feature request area i could request this feature?