• Hi Guys, been testing our Vayon for our virtual classroom and it works like a charm.
    However i am seeing an issue i'm hoping someone could help with.
    Our students will be working from home from where they will RDP into their student machines. These student machines will be added to veyon to be monitored by the teacher. I have the software installed on the machines and it works well when physically present in the class. But since the students now RDP into the machine, Veyon displays the screenimage from the student as the lock screen. If i take control and login, it locks the student out.
    Is there any way to see what the student is doing when they are connected to the student machine using RDP? This is a w10 enviroment.

  • @jawadh


    I have an almost identical situation but cant find an answer anywhere.

    Have you had any luck sorting this?


    Steve Herbert

  • I have this exact same issue as well.
    All searching for solutions have come up dry.
    Let's hope we get an answer soon, otherwise I need to force the students to install this on their PC and get me their IP