Lowering badwidth utilization of thumbnails?

  • I am monitoring around 45 computers, and getting spikes of over 100Mbps on the master just for thumbnails!
    I am wondering if there is a way to reduce this.

    I have already tried reducing the thumbnail update interval, but it barely makes any difference. Once I get past 5000ms, i get connections that constantly drop and reconnect. Even at 5000ms, there is no noticeable decrease in bandwidth utilization. I would figure that 5000ms uses around 20% of the bandwidth as 1000ms (averaged over time for 45 computers), but it isn't even close.
    What is causing the bandwidth to be so high?

    Is there any way of possibly compressing, transferring, and decompressing the thumbnails? (I am aware this will utilize more CPU on both client and server.)
    Is there a way of lowering the resolution so only a small image is transferred?
    Maybe a way of having it only update once per second on the one I hover over? (Rest idle)

  • Do you mean 100 megabit/s, i.e. 12 MB/s? If so, that's IMHO an acceptable amount of traffic for monitoring 45 clients.

    Besides increasing the update interval there's currently no possibility to further reduce the traffic. Increasing the update interval will not decrease the traffic linearly since less frequent updates might cause bigger updates (i.e. fullscreen updates of partial updates).

    We plan to add lossy compression methods witin the Veyon 5 release series (2021) which will further reduce the required traffic.