• It is possible to set the password for Veyon's built-in VNC server so that it would also be possible to connect to client machines via VNC outside of Veyon Master?

    Before Veyon, we've deployed TightVNC to our machines. I've tried setting Veyon to use the TightVNC server on our clients, but connection never occurs, and setting Veyon to use the built-in server seems to disable TightVNC's service (or, at least, it's not possible to connect to machines that have the Veyon client using other VNC viewers...)

    Thank you,

  • Hi @mikep345678
    the builtin passwort is generated randomly at runtime so it can't be used from the outside world. You can however install UltraVNC in parallel, set a password and configure Veyon to use this existing UltraVNC server.
    Best regards