• Hey all!

    Since i used iTalc a long time ago i did´t notice the change to Veyon so a big sorry if this is question 5000 for one and the same problem. I´m trying to setup Veyon for use of LDAP to have it easier when our school network grows. Right now i can connect to my clients but i don´t manage it to see the systems in my rooms so i´m verifying my LDAP setup.

    We are using a Windows Server 2016 so opend the configurator, select LDAP basic and configured my domain name as LDAP Server and entered a user Veyon with password and a click on the check button tell´s me basic configuration is fine.

    Than i browsed the Base DN and the check is also fine, so i switched to the next tab where i browsed all four paths: User, Groups, Computers and Computer Groups, the test of all is fine.

    But in the next category - Attributes the happy time ends, i can only qeury users, everything else fails and i don´t understand why.

    It´s a naked test setup and as i browsed all active directory paths i don´t know how to fix. Do i have to enter the object attributes or not? I tried both but no success...

    Helpless greetings from germany