• Hello
    I'm a student who would like to mass-install Veyon on about 150 computers.

    1. Does Veyon also have a .msi file and does it support .msi?
    2. If and how can Veyon mass installation on a Windows 2012 server be possible?

  • You can use commandline.
    Thats the way we did apply it on our 90 workstation & servers
    In the documentation you can find all neccessary commands

  • Hey Laura!

    Are we talking about Windows Computers? Are they member of an Active Directory?

    If can answer both with yes it´s really easy: Veyon can be installed by using a script which can be used as a startup script. By default (you can change this too if you want) Veyon is installed under C:\Program Files\Veyon so it´s a simple if exist query in your startup script:

    if not exist "%Program Files%\Veyon" \server\share\installer.exe /S

    Important! For a silent installation you must use the /S switch with UPPER letter, otherwise it´s not installing.

    There are some more usefull switches

    /NoMaster Just install the client
    /ApplyConfig="\server\share\current.json" allows to specify your configuration

    I hope that´s usefull for you!