Using two screens and a Beamer as a Teacher

  • Hi there,

    I am usint two screens and a Beamer. And I configurated my system so that the beamer screens my secondary screen on which I show things for the Students. But the Students in the back of the class can't see to much. So I use additionally veyon, but veyon automatically selects my primary screen. I can`t force my beamer to screen my primary screen, and I can't configure veyon to screen my secondary screen.
    Does any body have a solution for this situation?

    Thanks for your help,

  • Veyon will connect to the vnc server running on your demo system (usually x11vnc that veyon manages on linux, not sure on windows). You can set it to external vnc and configure one manually yourself to have more control.

  • @mpschwe said in Using two screens and a Beamer as a Teacher:

    not sure on windows

    It uses a build in version of on windows