Imported config.json will not work, till manual activation

  • Hello again,

    we currently have some problems with the veyon-cli... I think and hope it's a Bug.
    I build a package to rollout veyon with advanced syncronizing features. Clients automaticly export to a CSV on Server for importing into the master. the master will export the actual configuration to a server, so all clients will import on Windows logon.
    Everything is working fine, but importing the config and restart the service over veyon-cli will not activate the config from the imported json file.

    We opening the configurator everything is set correctly, but I shows the right config only and it's not active... I have to change at least one value and click on "Apply/Anwenden". Then the whole config starts working.

    That would mean I have to login on every client in our at least 100 schools... for every change of the configuration.
    So it's almost impossible.

    Any Ideas?


  • On next import the configuration will not work again, till manual apply in the configurator...

    We are using v4.3.3.0

  • What do you mean by "configuration is not active"? I guess you're running veyon-cli config import <json> and veyon-cli service restart?

  • Yes I'm running config import <json> and afterwards service restart, but then this config is not active... Nothing will be applied.
    I have to go into the configurator and have to manually apply it, after I imported the config and restarted service.

    The configurator show the right config only...
    Then I unset and set for example the multi monitor support, then click apply and everything which was imported is starting to work...

  • PowerSHELL
    Start-Process -FilePath "c:\programme\veyon\veyon-cli" -ArgumentList "config import veyon.json" -wait *>&1 | Out-file c:\Programme\Veyon\ConfigUpdate.log -Append
    Start-Process -FilePath "c:\programme\veyon\veyon-cli" -ArgumentList "service restart" -wait *>&1 | Out-file c:\Programme\Veyon\ConfigUpdate.log -Append

    however... the import itself is working fine... LDAP access is granted, groups for access are imported and already chosen. But to grand the right for accessing the clients, I have to apply this manually in the confiurator...

    In other words...
    veyon-master shows up all the computers with a red screen, info shows "service not running"
    Looking on the client and see the service is already startet. Start configurator on veyon client, re-apply the imported configuration manually.
    veyon-master starts monitoring this client

    Sry for my bad and limited english... 😛
    i'm from germany

  • May be a permission problem? Can you verify that the service really gets restarted, e.g. by checking the process ID before and after running "service restart"? Alternatively can you try to run net stop VeyonService and net start Veyon, i.e. use the native Windows tools for service start/stop?

  • The service is really restartet... I tried several ways.
    Restartet in services.msc
    Restartet in the configurator in the service tab
    Restartet with cmd
    Everything is done with an administrator or also with the system account.

    I also tested the access right in the configurator... By checking the username... Before press apply the user don't have the right to access, but the user group from AD is already set... After pressing apply and restart the configurator the same user can access.

    This can be repoduced everytime the config will imported again.