Losing connection due to IP address changing

  • I appears that my IP addresses are changing on some of the student computers. Once I go in and change them on my list, I can see them again. I had the same issue with ITalc but was able to force it to use the MAC address. Is there any way to force Veyon to use the MAC address only and not the IP address?

  • Hi @briddellm
    currently we only support connecting with either hostnames (which may be associated with dynamic IP addresses) or fixed IP addresses. There'll be a computer auto-discovery mechanism as a commercial addon later this year 🙂

  • Has this addon been released? Where can we download it?
    I have the same issue. I added the computer names, mac addresses and ip addresses. But when the ip address changes, I stop seeing the computer. How do I force it to use the computer name/mac address rather than the ip address? Is that a setting I can set somewhere?

  • The addon is currently offered individually. If you're interested in purchasing it, please send a mail to support@veyon.io - alternatively try using hostnames in the IP address/hostname column. If they can be resolved properly, it should work with dynamic IP addresses as well.