• Hi, is there anyway to get a minimal version of veyon running on some centos 6 clients? They are not able to be upgraded to centos 7. For these clients, only vnc view/control is required (no demo, locking, etc).

    I'm aware I can view/control them using a different vnc server (on clients) and different client software on the master computer, but I'd like them to be integrated into veyon-master so they're all in one place along with the other non-centos 6 boxes.

  • You'd have to build binary packages on/for the according system. Please follow the instructions at https://github.com/veyon/veyon#veyon-on-linux to generate an RPM. I'm however not sure if all the dependencies (especially GCC 6 or newer and Qt 5.5 or newer) can be satisfied on CentOS 6.