Unable to login on multiple computer

  • Hi all, as the title says what I'm trying to do is log in on multiple client from my master. They are on the same network, no vlan.
    What I've tried:

    Update Veyon to 4.3.2
    Re-install Veyon
    Use Logon instead of Key File Auth
    Join master pc to the domain of clients
    Use login as "mydomainname\myusername" and password
    Tried to logon using local credential of clients such as ".\Administrator" and password

    As you can see from the 2 images Windows 10 gives an error which says I typed username or password wrong.2.jpg 1.jpg

    The only way I am able to login is using remote control for every clients, its sufficient but I would like to login once for all.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi

    I've exactly the same problem.

  • either you use same user and password for both master and clients or you setup certificates

  • Hi all,

    please make sure Windows is configured to ask for both username and password. For more information see https://docs.veyon.io/en/latest/admin/platform-notes.html#user-login

    Best regards

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