Veyon 4.3.1

  • We're happy to announce Veyon 4.3.1, the first maintenance release of Veyon 4.3.x:

    • Core: extend API for Addons
    • LockWidget: improve compatibility with Qt 5.13 and newer (#570)
    • VncView: avoid blank cursor (#550)
    • VncClientProtocol: limit message size to 64 MB to prevent OOM situations
    • Update 3rdparty component LibVNC to include various security fixes (although not affecting Veyon)
    • Linux: fix invocation of desktop environment-specific sudo frontends (#573)
    • Windows: also terminate tabtip.exe before performing logon
    • Windows: improve error logging when controlling services
    • Windows: update libraries (Qt 5.12.7)
    • Windows: update 3rdparty component UltraVNC (various security fixes)
    • Update existing translations and add Lithuanian translations

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