How to switch on my computers by using "on" buttom

  • I have tried to switch on my computers using the "on" buttom but it doesn´t work.
    Do I have to leve my computers in any special mode like sleep or hibernate mode?
    Do I have to do anything else?

  • You need to enable Wake-On-Lan. This allows the computer be turned on by other devices such as the Veyon master application.

    Wake-On-Lan allows the computer to be woken up even when it is in full shutdown. Having it enabled keeps the network Interface card on even when the computer is powered off.

    To enable this you need to do two things;

    1. Enter setup mode in your BIOS and find the "enable Wake-On-Lan" option. It may be under a different name such as "Remote Power On".

    2. On your Windows operating system, go to Device Manager, expand Network adapters tab, right click your network adapter and go to properties, then go to power management and tick all the boxes. (If visible) go to the advanced tab for the network adapter and enable "wake on magic packet".

    if you followed all of these instructions, the computer should now be able to be woken up by the Veyon master application.

  • Hi,
    You also need to enter all the MAC adresses of your clients in veyon configurator.
    (execute cmd ipconfig/all on each client to see the MAC adress)

  • Thank you for your answer.
    I have a question?
    Can I have the "wake on lan " mode in old computers with no "wake on lan" mode in bios through any software?