• Hello,

    I would like to know how to keep the teacher's computer private from other teachers eyes when we all have the same private key installed (only the public key used in students computers). I've noticed I can see what other teachers are doing in their computers. Is there a way in the settings so we can't see each other computers?

    Thank you

  • Hello @MisterLopez
    you can set up access control rules as described at https://docs.veyon.io/en/latest/admin/access-control-rules.html - a rule "Logged on user is member of group <teachers>" with action "deny" should implement the desired behaviour.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Hello @tobydox

    To make sure no one could enter a Teacher's computer and to make it easier for us, we just selected the option "Restrict access to members of specific user groups" and we left the "Authorized user groups" empty. It worked really well, and now no one can access a Teacher's computer.

    But a new problem has arised, and it is a constant flickering of all of the screen items (windows, menus, sidebards, ...) from all other apps running (we are using Windows 10). When we select back the previous configuration option "Grant access to every authenticated user" the flickering stops.
    (Update: Flickering also happens if I move all the groups to the "Authorized user groups" and also if we select the option of "Process access control rules" (even with no rules at all). The only option that makes no flickering happen is the default one - "Grant access to every authenticated user" )

    Any idea what could this be?

    We want to configure the system so no user can access a teacher's computer while he/she is working on it.