Request Feature - Student Demonstration

  • "The teacher selects one student to display his/her screen to other students at any time, and conduct demonstration teaching"

    is this feature planned in future release?

  • Hi,
    it is possible from the master to simulate this function :

    • select display of the elected student on the master computer
    • then select demo mode to other computers.

  • Im trying to replicate your answer but...
    i installed the latest version...
    and i only see the options
    fullscreen demo
    windows demo

    these options share the master teacher screen to the other students...

    please tell me what i did wrong?
    i need to share a single student screen to all other pc

  • Hi,
    On your master, select remote display or remote control of the elected student (right click) on the master computer : the screen will appear on your computer.

    Then chose demo in the top bar.
    It should work : you send as demo the screen you are controlling.

  • i feel such a fool hahaha 🙂

    in the faq section i found the answer!!!

    How can I broadcast the screen of a student to all other screens?
    If you want to transfer a student’s screen instead of your own screen in demo mode, first activate demo mode for all computers. Then stop demo mode for the student to be performing the demo using the context menu. Finally open the remote view for the students computer. This will transfer the remote view window - and therefore the student’s screen - to all other computers.