• Is there a maximum limit of objects Veyon can query below an OU in Active Directory?

    If I in Veyon Configurator 4.30 - below "LDAP Basic / Environment settings / Object trees "
    set "User tree" - "OU=Users,OU=EDU,OU=NYN" - (this OU contains about 5000 user accounts)
    I'l get the error - "LDAP user tree test failed"
    "Could not query any entries in configured user tree. Please check the parameter 'User tree'""

    but if I instead set "User tree" - "OU=Testkonton,OU=Users,OU=EDU,OU=NYN" - (this OU contains 4 user accounts)
    I'l get - "LDAP user tree test successful"
    "The user tree has been queried successfully and 4 entries were found"