• Finally ready to upgrade from iTalc 2.X ! As it is a pain to install/reinstall in lab setting I want to install once and not worry about upgrading for a couple years.
    So which should I install 4.3.0 or 4.2.5?
    I don't think we'll need the remote login feature.
    Which is less buggy in the long term?

  • Congrats for your successful migration! As written in https://docs.veyon.io/en/latest/admin/release-notes.html#veyon-4-3 there's no difference between 4.2.5 and 4.3.0 except for the new feature so there should be no new bugs. The 4.3.x series will receive updates in the future whereas 4.2.x won't receive any updates.

  • @tobydox That's good news! Then 4.3.0 it is. Looking forward to upgrading from 2.0.2! We will deploy in about 1 week so let me know if 4.3.1 release is imminent.

    Also once we have 4.3 .0 installed is it easy to update to future releases or do we need to enter all the host names and MAC addresses again?