• I love the access control rules, and the ability to prompt for access, however I've run into a few frustrating issues.

    1. If the instructor machine is in monitoring mode, selecting "No" continues to prompt for access, and even brings the prompt to the foreground consistently. We don't necessarily want the students to select "never for this session" as that ignores any future prompts unless they restart of the service, or logging off/on again. If the instructor machine needed to perform an action (deselect/reselect a machine)to bring up an new prompt on machines that selected "No", it would be ideal

    2. If the student grants access, there is no way for them to revoke access. If a user is given the autonomy to grant remote viewing access to their machine, I think it's appropriate for them to have the ability to revoke it.

    3. The popup that a remote account is accessing this computer is very good, however an option for a persistent notification (screen outline or something like that).

    4. The students receives a prompt when the instructor connects after selecting "always allow for this session" however deselecting the student machine also throws up a prompt that the instructor machine has connected, even though it is not actively viewing the student machine.

  • There is also an issue that students are given multiple prompts for access when performing single actions, especially monitoring.

    If the student selects "Yes" to all these prompts instead of always allow, the instructor can lock the machine, and the student becomes unable to approve the next prompt that comes up when the instructor tries to unlock it due to the interrupt driver.