Veyon 4.2.5

  • A new patch release is available for the stable Veyon 4.2 series. It includes several minor bug fixes and updates various 3rdparty components. Some bundled libraries in the Windows installer have been updated to their latest official version:

    • Remote control: make sending Win-shortcut work properly
    • Core: fix potential crash on application exit and clean up objects properly
    • Master: properly honor the computer sort order setting
    • Linux: fix installation of translation files
    • Linux: update 3rdparty component libvncserver (don't leak stack memory to the remote)
    • Windows: do not keep raised windows such as demo mode and remote control window top-most
    • Windows: update libraries (Qt 5.12.5, OpenSSL 1.1.1d, libjpeg-turbo 2.0.3)
    • Windows: update 3rdparty component UltraVNC (minor optimizations, general security improvements)
    • CLI: fix UTF-8 output on Windows (still a UTF-8-capable font has to be used)
    • Update translations

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