How can we apply for the subscriber version?

  • Hello dear Veyon team,

    we finally started to deploy Veyon, coming from Netsupport.

    We love it so far, and there is no way back!
    How can we apply for the subscriber version?


  • Hello Jens,

    I'm happy to hear of your succesfull migration! Due to changes in our business strategy we currently don't offer subscriptions and do not plan to do so in the foreseeable future. If you're interested in individual solutions or contracts, please contact

    Best regards


  • @tobydox
    Hello Tobias,
    thanks for your kind offer.
    In the Veyon Blog "Roadmap for Veyon in 2019" article we read about some features we really would like to use in our classrooms, especially the option to block the Internet Access and maybe also the use of ADMX templates, if there is an advantage over json config files.
    And besides that we thought this is also a great way to contribute.
    Anyway I will see to it that we can donate a considerate amount, it is not that easy for us as we have a financial non profit status.
    Thanks again an kind regards

  • We were also hoping for GPO support and internet control.