Anyone using Veyon for computer labs? Pros/Cons, alternatives?

  • Hello everyone,,
    I’m looking to help a non-profits replace their dated equipment in a few of their educational labs. They have been using an ancient and bloated “Internet cafe” program.

    Their main want is to be able to monitor all the machines.

    They are AD free as each location is rather small. We’re using JumpCloud and Kaseya to manage the machines.

    Secondary is to wipe the profile clean on logout, which I’m looking into alternative methods for that. DeepFreeze and others look good, but trying to find a $olution that fits the non-profit budget.

  • @Gabrial said in Anyone using Veyon for computer labs? Pros/Cons, alternatives?:


    I think Veyon works well in an educational lab.
    That is what I use it for. It doesn't matter if you don't have LADP, you can still use it; all of my networks are AD free too. After install, just run Veyon-Configurator, and there is a section called "LADP Basic". Just leave all those settings as they are; don't add anything. There is also a section called "Computers and Rooms", here you should type in all the info for each computer in the network.
    Then, with Veyon, you can monitor all the machines, lock all the machines, and shut down all the machines. This is all easy to do. Then as you learn Veyon, you can try the other features.

    Sorry I can't answer your second question. perhaps some other forum would be better for that.