Lock Screen nulified with restart of computer

  • Teacher vs Students Students 3 Teacher 2

    Students attempts that work overriding Lock Screen began with:

    Using Touch Screen then Ease of Use Screen Keyboard circumvent
    Disabling Wireless in taskbar after downloading game
    Teach Services had to come into the lab and use group policy on the computers to remove Touch Screen and Task Bar

    Students download standalone game and then unplug the computer to restart without Locking Screen enabled and wireless off so I can't control their computer.
    Can Veyon have a Lock Screen Mechanism via its client Service and matched Master computer that first checks if Lock Screen was/or is enabled on Master before client starts and auto locks client’s screen/Keyboard/mouse again before student use, and also - if possible- disables: Touch Screen, Ease of Use Keyboard on the screen, Edge Screen Swipe (which shouldn’t work if Lock Screen was already enabled) etc…. without our Tech Service's use of group policy. Reason - I think more school districts and especially standalone teachers would use Veyon the more Tech Services is not needed to modify Windows 10 (My School District will not allow me to modify group policy as we have over 70,000 students). Having said that, Tech Services is impressed with how fast Veyon works compared to other classroom management software they are reviewing.