Veyon 4.2.4

  • A new patch release is available for the stable Veyon 4.2.x series. It includes minor bug fixes in the LDAP plugin and updates various 3rdparty components. Some bundled libraries in the Windows installer have been updated to their latest official version:

    • Core: update VNC client library
    • LDAP: use location name attribute for computer groups instead of common name
    • LDAP: do not cache invalid DNs when querying naming contexts (e.g. when starting during boot without network connectivity)
    • Linux: make authentication fail if helper process does not respond
    • Linux: add openSUSE 15.1 builds
    • Linux: drop openSUSE 42.3 builds
    • Linux: add Fedora 29 builds
    • Linux: drop Fedora 28 builds
    • Windows: update DeskDupEngine to 1.2.24 which fixes cursor flickering and performance issues
    • Windows: fix minor memory leaks
    • Windows: update libraries (Qt 5.12.5, OpenLDAP 2.4.48)
    • Improve Android build support
    • Update translations
    • More internal code optimizations and modernizations

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