• I am helping out a local community school by setting up some new computers in their computer lab. They should all be running Windows except the server which will likely be a linux box acting as a Windows server.

    I am planning on adding veyon. I have never used it before and would like some pointers just to think about it correctly when i read how to set it up. Basically, where does it get setup, and how does the teacher view it.

    I am assuming the server gets set up on the server, the client on every machine including the teacher's, and somehow the teacher can be designated as such to control it. Is that correct? Also, i figure it would be best on a second monitor (if her computer supports it; i have not seen the computers yet) to be dedicated to viewing the students screens.

    Is this correct?

  • I’m using Veyon 4.1 with Active Directory binding, so 100 lab windows computers joined a domain and grouped in security groups. Veyon installed on this computers without master. Then in veyon configurator i configured AD groups of users, who have access to control it (with name Veyon Admins for clarity). Then i added teachers and admins to that group. This way i don’t deal with keys and have great power to grant and revoke control. Veyon installation wrapped in PSADT, distributed to labs and teachers computers with automatically selected config (teacher or student) with SCCM, but this is other story

  • I use veyon in some of our labs and it works well. You can install veyon master to the teachers machine and client to all student machines. It requires the users account and password in order to open veyon master (so that students can not open it). You basically configure a class on the configurator on the master version using machine name or IP address (we use machine name and it works well). We do use 2 screens at the teachers desk so one for them and one to watch students