• In my Orange Pi (Linux) network running Veyon 4.0, I can run shell scripts in the "Run Program" function, just by typing sh, a space, and the filename of the script.
    however I just recently setup 4.2.2 on a new network of Ubuntu 18.04 notebooks in my lab. I can run regular binary programs, but I cannot get any shell scripts to run on the clients. I have tried:

    1. instead of typing sh scriptName, I type ./scriptName
    2. checking the PATH on the clients
    3. Changing bash in the Shebang to sh.
    4. Turning the executable bit both on and off.
    5. typing only the filename (with executable bit on)

    Has the running of Shell Scripts been disabled in 4.2.2?

    Or should I be looking at Ubuntu 18.04 as the problem? Shell scripts work fine in the terminal command line.