Identifying multiple simultaneous sessions.

  • I'm evaluating Veyon and I am a big fan of having multiple simultaneous remotes sessions, and with Gbit networks - why not? I use a 4K monitor where my 'work stations' have full HD screens. Even without scaling I can monitor four sessions simultaneously.

    What is missing in Veyon is a way to identify which remote session belongs to who. Too often chastising the wrong person for playing candy crush saga.

    Would it be possible to have the Computer Name in the Title Bar.

    Something like - Veyon Remote Access - Desk 7 where 'Desk 7' is the assigned (alias) name defined in the configuration (nobody likes computer or host names).

    Hope this isn't a rude request, haven;t read enough of the forum yet to understand its etiquette.

    Best Regards


  • This very feature has been added recently and is part of the Veyon 4.1.0 release. You're probably running Veyon 4.0.x if you don't see the computer name in the window title.

  • Great Thanks - That fixed it apart from the VERY first remote session I open doesn't seem to get its name properly, subsequent ones work just fine.