• Chromebooks are used more in schools in the United States than any other computer. This is undisputed. Veyon is missing it's largest market. If you make Veyon for Chromebooks, you not only tap into the largest educational market in the U.S. but you also tap into potential contributors to improving Veyon.

  • Thanks for the feedback! We'll definitely want to provide Veyon for ChromeOS with Veyon 5, at least as a native Linux application even if installation will not be that easy then. We also plan to rewrite the Veyon Master application for better usability on touch-only devices and want to provide it as a native app for ChomeOS and Android.

  • Any timeline on this?

  • We're currently working on the Android version and hope to have it finished Q1 or Q2 2020.

  • An Android version would be fantastic!
    I have a 3rd network composed of 6 android tablets that have my educational materials on them, and Veyon would be a great complement to my project!

    Thank you for putting together such a wonderful Open Source application!

    I am currently employed at a teacher training college in Japan, and am trying get my students to come for a summer educational software workshop where I will demonstrate veyon and my own materials.