Veyon 4.2.2

  • A new patch release is available for the stable Veyon 4.2.x series. It includes important bug fixes in the Veyon Server component and improves the management of Veyon Server instances inside the Veyon Service on both Linux and Windows:

    • Master: show scaled screenshot in a window without scrollbars
    • Server: fix crash when using languages written from right to left
    • Server: fix too restrictive evaluation of access control rules which erroneously made server listen on localhost only
    • Plugins: fix default input focus of various dialogs
    • PowerControl: hide close button of countdown dialog
    • Linux: improve detection of no user being logged on (used for access control) by ignoring display manager users
    • Linux: increase timeout when waiting for terminated server instances
    • Linux: fix IPv6 port of VNC server
    • Windows: stop server instances more quickly after user logon/logoff or session changes
    • Windows: use updated toolchain to build all components
    • Windows: retry to start worker processes on failure
    • Many internal code modernizations

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