• Hello,
    Is there a way to auto check computers on master startup with auto scales them?
    In iTalc we can save it for the next opening be here it is not save.

  • I have find myself but not resolved... I have read that to "Automatically adjust computer thumbnail at start" I have to "Automatically switch to current room", am I right?

    If I'm right, by using AD, in "LDAP basic" -> "Environment setting" -> "Computer location attribute" I have to set the attribute that store the current room? But I can't write to set the attribute, it's grayed out.
    Can you help?

  • Yes both options are handy in many cases. The first option will change/adjust the size of the thumbnails automatically. The second option tries to determine the room/location of the master computer and tries to automatically show all computers in that room.

    The computer location attribute is only relevant if your locations are modelled using an attribute in every computer objects. If rooms/locations are represented by computer groups or your LDAP/OU structure, this attribute is not used and therefore grayed out. You should verify that the integration tests on the last tab work well. If your rooms/locations are listed properly, the setup is fine and ready to use.

  • Here the Master options:
    Master options

    And the result of test:

    I list the location, I have H2107 and in Veyon the location H2107 is here but not selected at start. Do I miss something?

  • I've found the solution, I have a ldap filter that exclude masters computer... I remove it and check "Hide local computer".
    In some classroom teachers need to see 1 or 2 others classrooms (some classroom are to small), I want to hide teachers computers of those others classrooms so I've made this filter to.
    I need a LDAP filter to exclude computer with "cn" equal "-P0" and "comment" different of classroom name, ex: (&(cn=-P0)(!(comment=ThisClassroom)))
    But this filter exclude computer with comment=ThisClassroom instead of excluding comment<>ThisClassroom.
    Can someone help me?

  • Finally I've foud: