• Hi!

    I read that a plugin for a dynamic enviroment will be realeased this year. I'm trying to find more information about it but haven't found any yet. I was wondering if someone could tell me about this as I thought it would work with Veyon 2.0. I ask this because for me it's no working using just the hostname or de MAC Address.

    Thank you in advance! Great job with the 2.0 version!

  • Hello!

    I am also interested in the solution for dynamic IP, we are testing with a group of 15 students with laptops, since the assignment of dynamic IP, works well the first day but when the IP changes the functionality is lost.
    In theory, DHCP is prepared to assign the same IP, but sometimes these change, this has happened on Christmas holidays and maintenance on the server.
    Could the client be informed of the IP change in some way to the master application?
    For example: A check at the beginning and if it has changed send a message to the master application informing of the change.
    We offer to test any version and send the necessary reports for its implementation if you consider it.


  • Please contact support@veyon.io to request a demo for the (soon to be launched) commercial network discovery plugin 🙂

  • hello I have problems since the videos I found are from previous versions and some things do not appear in the 4.2 have any video because I can not connect the other PCs to the master