Application parameters in the italian translation

  • I'm using Veyon v. 4.2.0. As it happened in the case descripted here I see "% 1", "% 2", ..."% <n>" instead of "%1", "%2", ..."%<n>" (next converted in strings by the application) in the messages of the italian application interface due to a wrong translation that puts a space between the percentage character and the number digit. They are parameters for the application, so THEY DOESN'T NEED TO BE MODIFIED! I found these errors in Veyon Configurator (for example, after restarting the service) and also in client messages where I sent a file. I hope you will fix that in the next version. Thanks for your attention.

  • Hi @Gianni-Lupindo
    thank you very much for pointing out this issue which seem to have existed for quite a while already. Even though I'm not the maintainer of the italian translation I fixed the strings via search&replace: - should be fixed in upcoming 4.2.1 release.