Veyon 4.2 Beta (v4.1.91)

  • We're happy to announce the beta release of the upcoming Veyon 4.2 release series. It has seen many improvements and bugfixes compared to the alpha version. We still recommend extensive testing installing in production environments.

    Improvements and changes since Veyon 4.2 Alpha:

    • General: many internal optimizations and code improvements
    • General: rename "rooms" to "locations" in backend and configuration UI
    • General: rename veyon-ctl to veyon-cli and provide non-console version veyon-wcli on Windows
    • Core: fix and improve VNC connection state handling
    • Core: refactor internal configuration system
    • Core: show hostname instead of IP address in access confirmation dialog
    • Master: allow configuration of computer sort order
    • Configurator: add view modes "Standard" and "Advanced"
    • Builtin directory: improve CLI help and translations
    • LDAP: add browse buttons to configuration pages
    • LDAP: add computer display name attribute
    • LDAP: optimize computer attribute queries
    • LDAP: improve test result messages
    • Windows: add alternative authentication mechanism in case the SSPI-based mechanism fails
    • Windows: update to Qt 5.12 LTS for better Windows 10 support
    • Linux: rename systemd unit to veyon.service
    • Linux: add Debian Buster package
    • Linux: add Fedora 28 package and drop Fedora 27 package
    • Linux: add CentOS 7.4 package and drop CentOS 7.3 package
    • Linux: add openSUSE 15.0 package
    • Linux: update man pages

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