• The topic might be a bit weird but let me try to explain.
    I am member of the NethServer community. NethServer is a server based on CentOS. On top of CentOS, we created a layer so administration of a linux server becomes a lot easier. Using a nice webinterface all services can be managed.
    NethServer is primarily developed for small to medium enterprises. However, I have set my mind to adding educational applications to NethServer.
    A few examples are: Moodle, SavaPage, Nextcloud with onlyoffice or collabora. Current projects are Xerte online Toolkits, Mahara, Koha etc...

    I also would like to add Veyon. But I am unsure if this would be possible to add to a typical server (without x environment)

    Is it pissible to run Veyon on a server and connect to the service from a teacher pc (either running linux or windowx) and manage the classroom? Or is Veyon more a desktop solution that have to run on the teacher desktop?

    Is there any form of LDAP/AD support for Veyon?

    Would it be an option to go for a webbased version of Veyon so it actually CAN run from a central server?

    Any answers or links to specific parts of the docs are highly appreciated


  • Thanks for your interest in Veyon! Veyon is intended to be used to control graphical user sessions so in your server environment it probably won't work the way you need it, except for dedicated remote desktop sessions. Veyon has full LDAP/AD support for retrieving computer and room information as well as user and group information used for access control.

    We currently do not have a webbased version of Veyon but starting with Veyon 5 (2019) we'll have new technical possibilities also allowing to run Veyon Master in a browser using WebGL.

  • @tobydox Thank you for the response (and apologies for coming back after such a long time)
    I would love to hear about a webbased option in the (near) future....

  • Hello @robb we're still busy with preparing the 4.2 release and commercial addons so Veyon 5 likely will not be available before the end of the year.

  • Hi @tobydox
    Do I understand correctly that veyon 5 actualy WILL be a webbased application that can be hosted on a server?

    To come back on my initial request. My intention is not to regulate a server invironment, but use a server to host veyon so the desktop environment can be managed from a central location.
    IMO running veyon on a desktop is sub optimal since that desktop is probably used by a single user, for example a teacher. He or she can start the application and manage the classroom, but what if the teacher has no permanent classroom? What if there are multiple classrooms to manage? Install veyon on every single teacher computer? (desktop or laptop)
    I think a central install on a server where teachers get permissions to manage a classroom would be (especially from an admin point of view) highly preferable.
    What are the current insights on the (near) future of veyon?