• Greetings from Finland,

    Great software! After few trial/error cycles I managed to get the key authentication working and I love the WOL feature in it.

    I'm considering using software at video editing environment. I have 9 computers running video editing (capturing) software and I would like to use Veyon Master to control them all. Preliminary testing suggests Veyon could do the job at unbeatable price 😄

    But only feaure missing is sound support, as I would like to make sure capturing device's sound is ok. Fortunately my editing PC:s are HP elite 8300 so they include internal (shitty) speaker that can be enough. Another solution is 9 pcs of headsets.

    Any suggests?

    And thank you for great software!

  • Hello valtteri,

    sound support is currently missing in Veyon - might come in the future but I can't maky any promises yet 😉