• Hi Yevon support Team,

    we (School in Bavaria) are using veyon now since one month and we will buy an annual subscriptions , if you launch it.

    Here are some funxtions we are missing (saw some on your Roadmap):

    • Internet access control allowing to block internet access on student Computers
    • to set the drive and folder in the configuration settings where the date is sent
    • possibility to collect files from students
    • to set the drive and folder in the configuration settings where the date is collected or each teacher can set it when collecting the files
    • Software installer for all devices
    • highlight, show, highlight and enlarge on students screen
      -Filter Internet and easily create lists of allowed Websites
    • possibility to use veyon master on an IPAD from a teacher

    Thank's for your great tool.

  • How about the following features?

    • the student can raise their hand, and the instructor would see it in the Master.
    • Master to student chat, so a student can send questions without bothering the whole class
    • Autologin to computers with a generic account.

  • I would like a keystroke monitoring feature so everything the user types is logged.

  • @Christoph-M Exactly what we need! I am the network manager for a school and we started using veyon recently. The teachers love it! Mainly internet access restrictions we need! File transfer is now in the 4.2 apha pre-release. You can send files to students but not collect them from them.

    If you are considering a different option, consider RM Tutor or NetSupport School. Expensive (varys on amount of computers) but more features.

  • @Christoph-M thank you for your suggestions!

    Internet access control will be available as a commercial addon later this year and availably to subscribers for free. We expect both Veyon 4.2 and the addons to be available before summer holidays so deploying it during the summer holidays should be possible.

    Limited file transfer support (only uni-directional from teacher to students) will be available in Veyon 4.2 but it initially will lack configuration possibilities.