Veyon 4.0.9 = EOL for 4.0.x

  • A last maintenance release of the stable Veyon 4.0.x series has been published. Veyon 4.0.x is now EOL (End-of-life). All users are encouraged to switch to Veyon 4.1 or newer.

    Version 4.0.9 contains the following changes/improvements over 4.0.8:

    • Core: increase width of logon dialog to properly display even longer user names
    • Access control: fix non-working condition which checks common groups of connecting and local user
    • Master: drop unused system tray icon
    • LDAP: fix group queries on empty member ID
    • LDAP: fix group queries if user or computer name can't be resolved to an LDAP object which could lead to improper access control functionality
    • Linux: fix missing multitouch input device support in VNC server
    • Linux: fix missing support for various X11 protocols in VNC server
    • Linux: do not start user session in PAM-based authentication helper
    • Improve desktop files
    • Provide packages for Fedora 28

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