• Hi there! Thank You for this wonderful program! Is it possible to send a file to all the selected computers? If no can you add this functionality in the new update? Thank you!

  • Hi @shah-aadil119
    this is currently not possible, I'm sorry. We invite any developer to code a plugin which implements this kind of functionality.

  • @shah-aadil119
    I don't know about other OS's, but if you are using Linux, you can do what I do.

    1. Write a shell script that opens an SMB connection on the Master and copies the contents of a designated folder to the client.
    2. Copy this script to the home of each client.
    3. From the Master, select the clients and right click. from that men choose "run program"
    4. in the box, type in "sh" a space, and then the file name of the script. Then press the O.K. button.
    5. The clients' scripts will then copy the files to their homes.
    6. I even wrote another script to collect all the work back from the students; the script copies the contents of a designated folder on the client to the master.

    I did to mimic the function of computer classroom software. I can't give you the script, but you have be familiar with shell scripts and command line SMB, both of these will vary with your distribution and version of SMB

    Also, it works well with my older Veyon version 4.0, but I am still having trouble with the latest version of Veyon running shell scripts.

  • As of Veyon 4.2 a file transfer feature is included 🙂

  • Where is the file located that I sended?, and Do I need to open TCP ports if I using vlans ?
    My master interface is in another subnet and the clients are in a vlan

    Thank you