Veyon 4.2 Alpha (v4.1.90)

  • We're happy to announce the first alpha release of the upcoming Veyon 4.2 release series. We recommend to using it in test environments only as it still might contain serious bugs. Please update both master and client computers to avoid any compatibility issues and make use of new features.

    Veyon 4.2 comes with the following improvements and changes:

    • New file transfer plugin allowing to send files to all users and open them automatically if requested
    • Wake-on-LAN can be used in the CLI via the power module
    • BuiltinDirectory backend allows to import CSV files with a type column
    • Improved user name handling (fixes problems with login or full names containing special characters)
    • Improved message handling reducing latencies between master and clients
    • Overall performance improvements by optimizing internal debugging mechanisms
    • Prepared SASL support for LDAP connections on Linux
    • Improved platform-specific network code for more reliable connections on Windows
    • Improved internal data models leading to more stability and reliabilty of Veyon Master
    • Revised network object management layer allowing to use multi-level hierarchies in the subscriber edition
    • Internal improvements to the build system

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