• Hey there,

    First off well done and thanks very much for creating this great piece of software. Loving it so far.

    Was just wondering if the ability to mimic keyboard inputs would be added later down the line? So it would make it easier to do things like log into an entire group of PCs/Laptops all at the same time. Or send run commands to all the PCs/Laptops selected at the same time.

    Thanks for any future reply/update.


  • Hi @Parklands
    sending keyboard inputs is currently not possible. Unluckily our resources are quite limited so there are low chances to get this done in the nearer future. If you know someone who is familiar with C++ you can invite him to take a look on how to code a plugin which implements this kind of functionality 🙂

  • Cheers for the reply and the information Toby.

    Not a problem at all. I understand that you don't have the unlimited resources that other software developers are blessed with. Which is why you deserve massive credit for what you've created and continue to improve on so far.

    I'll let anybody I know who has some experience with C++ about Veyon and hopefully they may be able to help in anyway.