Setting up a computer lab from spare hardware - compatibility questions.

  • I'm building a computer lab with Lubuntu machines, to be managed from a Windows machine. The machines are essentially all netbooks of various generations. Some of them are first generation i686 eeepcs and similar, while the better ones are Bay Trail x64 with strange configurations.

    To deal with the Bay Trail netbooks, I need a very modern kernel. What sort of compatibility issues am I likely to run into using Ubuntu 18?

    For the older machines, am I likely to run into problems with i686 processors, performance or compatibility-wise? Do to scavenging from some non-functioning machines, they should all have 2Gb of RAM, but lack 802.11n wireless.

  • Hi @tonypace Veyon should work on all of your machines but for the 32 bit machines you'll have to build binary packages on your own - see for details 😉

    On your modern x64 machines you can use the binary package provided for Ubuntu 18.04 (when using Veyon 4.1 Beta which I suggest for new installations).

    Veyon Master might consume lots of RAM depending on how many computers you are monitoring so if you're running many other applications in parallel 2 GB might not be sufficient.