• Is there a way I can fix that my screen is not the same resolution as the clients so that they see all of my screen?

    I have a lab of 27 with several different resolutions and sizes of monitors (and brands). When I broadcast, none of the clients can see all of my screen, but some see a lot less than others. If I drop the resolution of my monitor to 1366x768 (from 1920x1080), then a lot more can see my entire screen, but then my resolution is way off, and it is still not perfect. I have three monitors connected to my desktop, and have played around with other monitors as monitor 2 that is currently getting the demo from Veyon, but can not seem to come up with a combination that works.

    Am I missing something that will take my screen and adjust mine screen to fit their screen?


  • Hi @DrewLoker,
    currently broadcasting with more than 1 screen is not working properly because either only the primary screen is transmitted (if dual monitor support is disabled) or all screens. We hope to get this improved in future releases 🙂