Set value in config via command line

  • Hi anybody

    Can I update the configuration key "DesktopServices/PredefinedPrograms" from command line?

    I have tried with the command :

     # veyon-ctl consig set DesktopServices/PredefinedPrograms '[{"Name":"Desactivar ahorro de energia","Path":"/usr/bin/xset -dpms","Type":1,"Uid":"{01c5c7e5-dcb4-46d2-85a2-7ac5f625a2d2}"},{"Name":"Activar ahorro de energia","Path":"/usr/bin/xset +dpms","Type":1,"Uid":"{847e4c62-e9a9-43da-8e54-cec4b45eb09f}"}]'

    the values are from the command

    # veyon-ctl config list

    but dont work

    Can anybody help me

    Thanks a lot

  • Setting configuration keys containing JSON data requires the data type to be specified as the last argument:

    veyon-ctl config set DesktopServices/PredefinedPrograms '[{......}]' json