WakeOnLAN (WOL) on Dot1X/VLAN environment

  • Hi all,

    i have found that if you connect your master-pc to a trunk-line with many vlans, that WOL is only send from the first, mostly the native vlan or subinterface. So WOL won't work in nearly all cases.

    It should be better to bring the saved IP-Address of every Client-PC into account , determine the correct Interface to send a WOL-packet.


  • Hi,

    In our case, the PCs in the classroom acquire a DHCP addresses to the network. So, fixed IP-Address into the account will require changing all the PCs to have one.

    Also, I don't think it is a VLAN issue for us. The environment has not changed and it was going to v4.1.2 from v4.0.7 that the 'Power on' no longer works. I tried re-installing some clients to make sure there wasn't a 'hiccup'. But still no joy.

    Thank you.