Limit Veyon to specific functions only?

  • Hi,

    I'm looking to replace an aging in-house computer lab management solution. It's primary job is to allow our lab management and student staff to send popup messages to an entire lab, or just a subset (1+) of them. It also offers the ability to force shutdown lab workstations with an optional floating countdown timer window. It also presents a "map" of the lab that mimics the layout of the workstations along with static objects like doors, printers, etc. The map can also used to "select" specific workstations that you'd like to take these specific actions upon.

    Can Veyon be limited to only offer that same functionality--or restrict a specific group of users access to specific functions? For example... student workers would only have access to send message and perform the shutdown/power functions?


  • Certain Veyon features can only be disabled globally in the configuration ( so if student workers work on computers different from the lab management staff, you could deploy a modified Veyon configuration on these computers. Restricting functionalities to certain groups however is currently not possible.