Quickly "clear" all checked rooms in Master

  • Is there a way to quickly remove the "checkmarks" from all currently-monitored rooms in Master-- to quickly clear which rooms are monitored?

    When I launch Master, sometimes (but not always) several rooms are checked, so several dozen machine show up in the monitoring window. This slogs down my Master machine, making it quite slow to be able to go through an uncheck everything...

    (As a side note, how do I set and save an "initial view" in Master?")

    Thank you!

  • At the root level of the rooms, you can check off, or on, all of the rooms. In otherwords, when you see the list of rooms, before you twirl it open, that box can also be clicked. I do this if I go from one class to the next. I have a large class, I turn them all on with the one click, and turn off the ones that aren't being used. If it is a small class, I turn them all off. Actually, I made classrooms for the small classes. The only challenge is that I move students around pretty often, so I am frequently have to go turn on one computer from the large classes. I wish there was an easier way.