network trafik 99mb/sec , at 25 desktop client connected to server

  • is it possible to lower trafik usage ? is there any other setting for it ?, how trafik /sec that 1PC client connected is needed, or do i have to change LAN interface to 10G

    any help, well be apreciated , thanks before
    its realy great software.

  • @khairinkaramy

    Is the 99mb/sec when using Veyon's 'Demo' feature?

    Is this the total data rate for all 25 clients combined or is this the data transfer rate measured from your computer?

    What is the link speed of the client computers, your computer?

  • @itguy yep, i got upgrade my Interface to 1Gbit , theres no problem at network anymore.

    the problem now is, when i try controling client via Remote , sometime its fast connected, but sometimes it take about 1-2min.

    the respod client when i try to remote is lilbit anoying.
    and i didnt find where the problem is.