Memory issues.

  • Hi Everyone, I've installed Veyon-Server on a new Windows Server 2019 VMWare VM. We started with 8GB RAM but found that veyon-server.exe quickly exhausted the RAM so we increased to 10GB and then to 12GB. We monitor our VMs with zabbix so we can watch patterns of CPU and RAM and disk utilization. What we're seeing is a situation where veyon-server.exe will use more and more RAM such that free RAM is on an even downward slope until the OS has only about 70MB left and then we won't even be able to RDP into the VM. The behavior is the same with 12GB as it was with 8GB and 10GB essentially though it may have happened more frequently with 10GB. It can take 15-24 hours of runtime for the free RAM to decrease. With 4 vCPU we've been okay overall on CPU utilization but we've seen veyon-server.exe still using about 20% of the CPU for a total of sometimes 60 hours or so of CPU time. It uses more CPU than any other process by far. Still the primary concern is the RAM utilization. It seems that veyon-server.exe may have a memory leak even in the latest stable version though we also had this behavior on previous builds. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? I'm not finding anything in the forums or in github, which is surprising unless we've just misconfigured something during the install." Thanks

  • Thank you for sharing your obvervations! It looks like there's indeed a setup-specific memory leak caused by some kind of erroneous loop inside the server. My first try would be to disable the VNC server option "Use Desktop duplication" engine since this already solved issues in other RDP environments. Alternatively you could try installing an external VNC server, make it listen on localhost only, configure a password and configure Veyon to use that external VNC server instead of the builtin one. Last but not least: try the latest 4.5.0 release since there have been updates to all components, including the builtin UltraVNC server.

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